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This site contains a complete list of arcade games supported by MAME 36

*** Note : there are no roms to download on these pages ***

(3 May 2000) Updated to MAME 36 Final.


Text Files :




Click on a letter to display a table -

0-9 (13 games)

G (56 games)

N (29 games)

U (8 games)

A (57 games)

H (32 games)

O (10 games)

V (19 games)

B (74 games)

I (17 games)

P (76 games)

W (32 games)

C (78 games)

J (17 games)

Q (14 games)

X (6 games)

D (53 games)

K (38 games)

R (53 games)

Y (4 games)

E (21 games)

L (35 games)

S (183 games)

Z (11 games)

F (40 games)

M (86 games)

T (83 games)



Each table includes -

"The" is ignored when sorting games. This means that "The Pit" is found under "P" and "The Glob" is found under "G" etc.

For each game, the main rom set name is shown bolded. This will also be the file name that is used for the game and its clones.

Rom sets that do not work are shown in italics.

File sizes are for fully merged rom sets, where parent and clones are all in the same file.

There are also entries for alternative names for games, with links to the main game entry.

Indicates a new game and the MAME level in which it was added.

Indicates a file that was changed and the MAME level in which it was updated. Changes include adding new clones and updating roms within the file.

MAME CD Covers


Click here to download the CD covers (1.6M)

You can use these CD covers for personal use only. They are not to be used as part of a commercial product.

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